Kindergarten 1


These students are the youngest learners at SHINE.  To join this class children have to be 3 years old or must be turning 3 within 3 months of enrolment. Students will learn to recognize letters and numbers, tracing, counting numbers one to ten, and will be exposed to different themes. These themes are designed to extend the students’ vocabulary and speaking skills. SHINE will help our youngest learners to awaken their curiosity and encourage them to start their first steps into the English language.


Kindergarten 2


Our Kindergarten 2 classes are based on the Jolly Phonics curriculum. The Jolly Phonics programme was chosen as it provides a solid basis for learning the individual and combined sounds of letters and also introduces the first steps to blending. In addition, Jolly Phonics provides the best foundation in reading and writing. It's goal is to provide students with a strong command of the spoken and written word. It also includes teaching spelling, grammar rules and punctuation. The small Jolly Phonics reading books encourages our kindergarten students to read for fun and to practice their writing. On top of this, they will discover different topics and our programme also touches on character building.


Kindergarten 3

K3 (2).jpg

Our students in kindergarten 3 are mostly between 5 and 7 years old. This curriculum is build up in a way that students will learn around 70 tricky words and up to 200 blending words so that by the end of the year they will be able to read fluently. Different topics are explored to teach students to make and speak in correct sentences and to increase their comprehension.  The focus is also on penmanship and writing. This class can be challenging as students are preparing for year 1.


Year 1-6 Learners


The core curriculum for years 1-6 is based on the English World Series. It is a British language curriculum in line with the Singaporean standard primary school curriculum. English World aims to give learners confidence in speaking English fluently and in writing English with accuracy. The course also develops children's study skills through putting in increasingly challenging activities that cover the four language learning skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Our Language Education Programme also includes Project Based Learning. This is a teaching method in which students gain a deeper knowledge of a certain subject by investigating a complex question, problem or challenge. By working an extended period of time on real-life problems the students will get a better understanding and will look at different themes with critical eyes. Project Based Learning involves collaborative student work on projects, in small teams, guided by the teacher in which students learn to design and construct solutions to complex questions. 

Project Based Learning


To identify a student's level, they are tested by completing a free placement test during the enrolment procedure. Based on the result of the test, the age of the student and previous educational background, the student is placed into one of the levels below.




Kindergarten 1

·         3+ years old

·         Toilet trained

·         My own book

·         LSS Nursery 1-4

Kindergarten 2

·         4+ years old

·         Toilet trained

·         Must know numbers and letters

·         Must be able to hold a pencil

·         Jolly Phonics

·         My Own Book

·         My Jumbo Nursery



Kindergarten 3

·         5+ year old

·         Must know letters and letter sounds.

·         Must be able to write letters and numbers

·         Jolly Phonics

·         Penmanship & Writing

·         My Jumbo K1


Year 1-6

·         6 -12 years old (depending on the level)

·         Must read fluently and write clearly


·         English World 1-6

·         Pupil book and workbook




Our Chinese curriculum covers the basic structure of the Chinese language with the focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 


Our youngest learners from kindergarten 3 are introduced to the Chinese language through Chinese videos and songs covering the basic Chinese sounds. As they are very receptive this is a very effective way to introduce them to this complicated language. We don't provide Chinese for K1 and K2.

The Chinese classes from grade 1-6 also focus on fluency of speaking and writing Chinese characters and sounds. As Chinese is a very difficult language students are subjected to reading Chinese stories to practice their comprehension of the language. Through creative games and activities students are stimulated to apply their Chinese knowledge. 

The curriculum is supported by the books Easy Steps to Chinese as these are designed to teach Chinese as a second language. The study book and workbook help to guide the students to practice this complicated language and to expand their Chinese understanding. 


The Singapore Helm Institute of Education’s Children Education Programme (CEP) academic year 2017-2018 begins on 2nd October. Students are taught by a variety of highly qualified teachers from Monday to Friday. Students can come to study in the morning or afternoon session. At the end of each semester we organize a parent-teacher meeting so that parents have a chance to meet the teachers and talk about the progress of their children.  

Download our 2017-2018 academic year calendar here.

Calendar 2017-2018 Academic Year Update Jan 18.png