Monitoring Student Progress

At the end of each term a report with the students’ test score and feedback of the teacher on the progress of the student will be sent and shared with the sponsor. The report will give the sponsor an indication of how well the student is doing regarding class participation, homework, testing and overall behaviour and attendance. For each level and programme these reports will be made and sent by email to the sponsor.



We accept overseas and local sponsors. We do however seek for sponsors that can engage in a longer commitment especially for our Children Education Programme to offer not only stability but also to give students the opportunity to grow and to develop themselves and to really have a positive impact on their life. For our General Business Programme we also have shorter courses in which students can enrol and participate. These business courses are an excellent way to help students to gain additional skills which will give them more advantages in their work or when applying for a job.


Payment & Information

Contact us to learn more and how you can help a student SHINE at his or her best!

Feel free to contact us to get more information about our programmes, fees and how to enrol or register a student.

For overseas sponsors we also accept international transfers through our bank account.