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Improve your English at SHINE!

Become a global communicator through our General English Programme (GEP)!

SHINE’s part-time General English Programme (GEP) is designed to prepare you for studies and employment.  It will make you a confident and effective user of the English Language in the 21st century.  Our programme will give you, through interactive pair and group work, authentic opportunities to speak, listen, read and write English.  

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Global, our GEP course book from Macmillan Education, is innovative and filled with current intellectually-engaging content to learn about the world we live in through English.  Creative and critical thinking skills are promoted throughout Global, both in the choice of topics and the way the content is presented.

GEP using Global has five levels, including elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced.  Each level takes three terms (nine months) to complete.  Students who successfully complete the advanced level would have an equivalent of at least 5 on Academic IELTS.   




“My English has really improved since I started studying in the General English Programme at SHINE.  Classes are fun, teachers are caring, patient, and friendly.  I really enjoy coming to class every day.”


GEP Student