In 2013, SHINE was established to bring the Singapore educational experience to Cambodia. We want to make this high level of quality education accessible for many and that is how SHINE was born. Singapore is synonymous with an excellent bilingual education system.  We model our school grounds, classrooms, the use of technology, dedicated caring teachers and quality teaching after Singapore. We offer a stimulating, caring and safe school environment to learn and grow confidently and use Singapore’s standards as our benchmark. At SHINE, we believe you learn best when you enjoy what you do and therefore we make learning collaborative and fun. We nurture independent lifelong learners who will shine with confidence!


Through a unique blend of curricular, experimental and applied learning, SHINE creates a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to achieve their personal best.  SHINE equips students with the right skills to succeed in a dynamic world.

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At SHINE, we empower students to realise their potential as global citizens through education programmes of international standard, guide them on a path of lifelong learning and lead them to shine at professional and personal levels.





The following core values represent the heart of the philosophy at SHINE. They set the tone, shape our vision, create the educational programmes, and will lead the school to reach its goals. In pursuing our mission we, the staff and students of SHINE are guided by a shared collection of values.

Our core values are - Character,  Creativity , Commitment, and Community.

Character - SHINE values the cultivation of character and the modeling of honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, respect and ethical behaviour, both in the classroom and beyond which will enable students to participate confidently in a competitive and rapidly changing world.

Creativity – SHINE values intellectual vitality, which is characterized by creativity, knowledge, curiosity, critical thinking, and wisdom. We believe creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future. SHINE has translated this into a unique approach to learning which stimulates creative expressions and provides an environment for students to develop a variety of skills and attitudes that will drive success in school, life and future work.

Commitment -  SHINE values a strong commitment to striving for excellence in all we do in order to facilitate the development of each individual’s full potential.

Community - SHINE values a diversity of people and ideas, an inclusive environment, a global perspective, active local engagement, and a sense of community as essential conditions for studying at SHINE.