Upcoming Business (GBP) Courses

Here are our upcoming business courses:

Project Management - Sat 23rd April 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Upselling - Sat 23rd April 9am to 1pm
Business Email Writing - Sun 1st May 9am to 1pm

Call to enrol 017 556 000 / 092 914 871

Project Management Saturday, April 23rd

Project Management module starts on Saturday, April 23rd. Contact us to enrol today!

Course Overview:

This module covers the skills you will need to bring a project to fulfilment. You will learn leading methodologies and practices in the project management field and tactics of project management and take part in interactive scenarios to master those skills.

Course Details:

Cost - $140
Date & Time - Sat, April 23rd 9am to 12pm
Duration - 10 weeks
Prerequisite - Level 6 (Pre-intermediate) English.

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