Farewell to Lies and SHINE's summer school program

Dear parents and students

Thank you for those who took time to attend the Parent Teacher Meeting on the 3 March at SHINE.  For those who could not be present, we made two major announcements.  The leaving of  our School Director, Ms Liesbeth Roolvink and the introduction of Summer School 2017 from 21 August to 15 September 2017.   

      Ms Liesbeth Roolvink,                  School Director

      Ms Liesbeth Roolvink,                  School Director

Thank you and farewell, Lies

SHINE has had the good fortune of Lies’ leadership as School Director since January 2015.  Lies will be leaving SHINE at the end of March to continue her international consultancy work in the education sector.   It is no coincidence that the last 27 months saw a rapid growth in SHINE’s programmes and student numbers and reputation as an institution of choice for Children Education and Business programmes.  Through Liesbeth’ nurturing guidance, the SHINE team of teaching and support staff have been able to be the innovative institution of lifelong learning that we envision. 

Thank you Lies and we wish you the best in your next adventure!

With Lies’ departure, I will assume the role of Principal supported by the dedicated ad strong management team and faculty. 


SHINE Summer Schools – 21 August to 15 September 2017  

SHINE will be offering an educational yet fun Summer School programme for both our Language Education Programme (LEP) and Khmer Education Programme (KEP).  The dates have been confirmed and we are provide an update of details by end of April.

Message from the Founder and Principal, Madam Tan Seok Ho